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  • A good battery

    posted by Darkblade48

    I bought this battery because of the good reviews that I saw, and I was not disappointed.Unlike some batteries, this one is rated at 2800 mAh, and actually measured just under (~2780) mAh, which is quite a nice surprise. The resistance in each cell was not too far off either, making this a fairly good battery.Surprisingly, the battery came with the Dean's T connector, and not just split wires, so that was a nice addition.
    If you use something other than Dean's T connectors, you will need to replace the connector that comes with this battery.
    A good battery that actually has the same current capacity as advertised. A nice addition to anyone that is interested in the RC hobby.
  • Good quality

    posted by Fenki

    I bought this battery for my selfmade airplanes. Even after flying mostly full throttle (the motor uses 45 to 50 amps then), the battery doesn't get too hot.
    When they arrived, charge was arround 40 percent and one cell was 0.21 volt out of balance. After balanced charge and use, the battery stays quite well balanced.
    Since I build modells from scrap and my flying skills are not this high, I don't need "super-famous-high-quality-brand" batteries. The chance that they die because of a crash is much higher than the chance they're getting too old :-)

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