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10w white light led

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10w white light led Customers Reviews

  • Awesome little spot light

    posted by DJ4MC

    These are very nice outdoor lights for me tree. I originally had a 25W halogen and it burned out many times. The unit is very bright but what is really nice is that the spot is narrow and really lights up the bottom part of the tree I have it pointed on. The glass lens focuses the light into a nice pin spot not a flood light.
    I'm buying 7 more of these for my back yard trees. The also run on 12VAC which is nice. I hooked them up to an adjustable supply and noticed no changes in brightness from 12-24VDC but the current draw went down as voltage went up. This tells me the internal electronics are good.
    Buy it. Great little light!Not sure how submersible these are but for yard lights at the base of a tree they are awesome.
  • Really bright white DIY Led

    posted by cymoril

    - VERY bright. Even brighter than a 220VAC 100W incandescence bulb.- Works fine when used correct voltage and polarity.- Very easily soldered.
    - One of the leads has a little punchole. That one is the positive; the other is the negative one.- It has two holes that can be used to fix to a heatsink using screws.- Works with altern current (AC) too (tested with 12VAC adapter)- Do not stare at it while ON. Don't even look directly to it. It's really BRIGHT and it could easily damage your vision permanently.
    - Fine for DIY projects. I used- May be the price is a little high. May be not. Either way, I'm happy with it.- Remember not to directly look at it.- It get's hot: haven't has time to test consumption yet; it IS working fine connected to a 22W power supply @10V.
  • Bright but a bit hot

    posted by mhallivu

    Light is brighter at least at the beginning than in some more expensive 10 W led lamps (2 years old generation). Size is handy and product seems reasonably robust. Light comes on immediately. So far no problems with daily usage of ca 4 hours per day for one month.
    I am running this led against 2 other comparable two year old led lights to see how long each will last.
    This is a good product in case the continuous usage is not extreme, as that would age the product very fast.
  • E27 10W 6500K

    posted by atos1

    Nice and strong light. White, but I using it in bathroom. It's ok. Over issues I hope I dont spent my money in vain.
    I thought I order microscope from Dealextreme to my daughter, but rather I'll buy other way. I dont imagine how this microscope survive the way from store to me, when I see package of this bulb :(.
    Strictly not recomended to buy. Prolly used device and inadequately packed. Maybe enough to wrap in more bubble wrap <- advice to seller
  • Excelent light for automotive use

    posted by palebi

    Very bright light source, it has a cool white tone.The lens focus the beam in a circle not very large.It's visible at day, wich make it usefull for daylight running.
    It has three wires:black: negative (earth)red: positive (12 V+) steadywhite: positive (12 V+) blinking
    The price is very appealing, I've buyed two of these to place as fog lights in my car, and they looks very good. I recommend it very much.


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