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10w warm white

The perfect 10w warm white here to meet all your needs. Welcome to DX, a worldwide electronic accessories retailer and wholesaler. Customers who purchased 10w warm white also viewed warm white 5m, 4500k warm white. With your support, we can do better.
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10w warm white Customers Reviews

  • led light

    posted by babysmurf

    - good price- nicely build - they used good meterials- verry much light- after opening simply to rebuild again
    We use them on boats as docking lights and for lights in wakeboard towers.They fit perfectly on the monster towers.I made a lot of customers verry happy when i told them the price of the product.
    We buy a lot of them for use on boats and in harbours , they are good quality for a good price.On a boat you have a voltage between 8V an 17V and its no problem for this lights.
  • Great LED for the budget spent

    posted by Cy4n1d3

    Low price for the product you get.I bought 3 at once and hooked them up on some heatsinks. They indeed seem to deliver about 1000 lumens and they also produce quite a high amount of heat, so make sure to cool them properly. Also easy to handle - drill holes in heatsink, screw those leds on with some thermal grease and you are good to go.
    I hopy dx will deliver appropriate drivers soon and stock up on those lights again!
    +price is excellent+light amount is high-slight tint when compared to high cri warm white lightsOverall I can recommend this lights to anyone who doesn't need cri95+ and looks for high amount of light for a low amount of money.
  • Nice light! Replaces a 100W halogen floodlight.

    posted by Popup

    The light quality is very nice. The colour temperature is very similar to a Halogen light. (Warmer than SJU54859, but not excessively yellow.)
    The reflector assembly feels solid, and the silicone seals have a good feel to them. It ought to be fairly weatherproof (IP54?)
    Nice, efficient light. It ought to start saving money after a couple of hundred hours, which isn't bad.
    Nice light, but could be even better.
  • Cheap and compact light bulb

    posted by votresoleil

    + Not expensive+ Compact+ Low power consumption+ Firm and reliable construction+ Instant on
    This light bulb is OK for smaller rooms: bathrooms, kitchens, garages etc. For living room you have to use two or three pieces of this. In spite of compact dimensions this bulb is bigger then typical tungsten one and doesn't fit many common shades.It can be more beautiful having some matte shade on it. I don't know if it's important for users 'cause when the lignt bulb is on you don't look at it :)I bought one piece of this item and two pieces of sku 154510. They make almost the same luminous flux, but this one is cheaper, smaller and consumes less power.
    Efficient light bulb for low price. Stands the competition.
  • Warm white sun

    posted by bozzzzo

    Bright! The light gives off a pleasant warm white.Made a ceiling lamp from five of these and it's almost too bright.The shape of the element is especially suitable for making of light sticks suspended from ceiling.
    These LED lights require mandatory cooling. You need to make sure to keep the LED element under 50C to maintain low current consumption. At 100C the current doubles, but emitted light stays the same. You need to provide about 100cm2 cooling surface per lamp of minimum thickness 2mm. Use silicone heat paste to improve heat transfer. A viable option is 30mm square aluminum tube with 2mm wall thickness, allow about 20cm of the tube per LED light, 5 elements per meter, temperature stays about 45C (25C over ambient)
    The prototype worked out excellent. Just bought more elements for two more lamps.

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