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10w rgb led Customers Reviews

  • fantastic emitter

    posted by DJ4MC

    These are awesome. The color mixing is very good just because they are so close together. I am using it to light up some Chinese lanterns and there is zero fringing. Going to try tying it to some optics. ability to wire any way you want. there are separate leads for both + and -
    Must be heat sinked!!!!! I am using surplus video card heat sinks and they work great.
    Love it I bought 16 of these to make some landscape lighting.
  • sets the mood

    posted by KarlV

    Colourful lamp, You can choose between many pleasant colours depending on the mood you want to set. There are also different possibilities to automatically switch between the different colours (16 including white).You can also set brightness so plenty of options.The remote works fine.
    The remote works up to 2-3 meters, depending on the angle.
    If you want a colourful lamp to put in a nightshade to set the mood, you certainly have to consider this one.
  • Waterproof reflector, 12 Volts

    posted by grasnal

    Very good construction piece. Aluminium is beautiful and very well finished. Color's transition are so much "soft" and much times better than other RGB reflectors that I have already bought from same site.
    This is a beautiful part. Right now I have not tested the waterproof function.
    I am very happy with this reflector. Hope I can enjoy it for many time.
  • Not quite as bright as expected

    posted by Syncopated

    Fairly straightforward to use. I had no problems working with it. The only problem I had was my own fault -- I accidentally connected 42V to the red channel of one of the plates and destroyed it in a blaze of glory.
    A wide range of colors can be produced, as expected. Packaging is pretty robust -- it came wrapped in a bubble pad.
    The polarity is not marked in an obvious way. Here's how it was marked on the ones I got: The lead with a hole punch in it is the anode -- it's to be connected to the positive terminal of a power supply.
    A heatsink is probably needed if you run it continuously at full power. I use a 110mm-diameter heatsink per plate. The back of the heatsink becomes hot to touch after 1-3 minutes at full power (350mA per channel), hot enough to burn my finger if I touch it for 10-20s. These LED plates are quite nifty, but the bulky heatsinks are not so fun. In a few years, maybe technology will increase LED efficiency sufficiently so that much smaller heatsinks can be used instead. Hopefully.
    For better heat conduction to the heat sink, I think they could have made the bottom surface flatter and smoother, but I don't think it's a big deal.
    I think it's good value for money at the price I got it for.
  • Does the job!

    posted by brainzilla2

    It's a 3x3W Common Anode (CA) power-LED-driver.
    Works as advertised, setup is easy if you know what you are doing.
    The IR-remote works well and feels responsive.
    No bad flicker, just some little ones when switching extreme colors. 8 bit dimming I guess.
    Has quite a lot of programs but no documentation so I just sum it up:
    - Gradients
    - Direct color change
    - Blink modes
    - Flash modes
    - Insane disco blink modes - your teenage kids will dig it!
    - Speed can be regulated (not too well but it's ok)
    - Brightness can be regulated in some modes
    - OFF-button
    The WHITE is not linear at all - starts with a blueish tone, then reddish, then just dirty and ends up as some kind of warm white. I wonder if the 10W LED (sku.66291) or this driver is to blame.
    Good choice for whipping up a quick mood-light.
    Sure you can build this for like $ 3 yourself, but then time is money - and you get the remote with it which is a real plus!


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