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10w led lumen

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10w led lumen Customers Reviews

  • Good product

    posted by Gliga

    These are really good, bright LEDs. Build quality seems really high with aluminum housing. Housing is sealed so they should be waterproof. Bright enough to be used as daylight running lights. Compact size (4 cm diameter), and cable length is around 95 centimeters.
    None that I could think of.
    All in all this is good product. Build quality and light output are OK in this price range.
  • A ridgid led light

    posted by kjellinge2

    Very good and rigid case. Good lens size. Looks to be a waterproof design. Nice warm light (not too cold = blue).
    Nice warm light (towards yellow). (Some led lights are cold (towards blue), which is good for reflecting colors, but not good for noticing difference between dark green brown colors)
    I can recommend this item for those needing a clear bright light with a low power consumption.
  • Really bright from a small emitter, great price

    posted by 4xssx4

    This thing is extremely bright for a small emitter, the color is a nice deep blue and creates a lot of shimmer, great for saltwater tanks, it makes the corals and the fishes colors pop and illuminate, it also penetrates the deep with plenty of light at two feet
    Wish I bought extra, the first time I bought some they came in bubble wrap, the second they came in plastic baggies, don't know why but they weren't damaged
    Great value, bright, small, easy to solder
  • Nifty light

    posted by minitruck

    Looks pretty decent, nice small light with high light output. The color is actually warmish and not bad to look at. Usually warm white LED's a far from being incandescent warm, but this light does the job.
    Not sure about water-tightness, but it has silicon seals all round. It might stand-up to rain showers.
    It's not cheap, it's not expensive either..If you are looking for a bright, nicely colored, usable flood light, this is the one to get.
  • Finally a useful brightness, seemingly good value

    posted by dbrad

    A very bright, slightly cool white light, approximately equivalent to a 100watt incandescent with a beam spread similar to a medium flood. does not get as hot as an incandescent.
    Theoretically, the savings over even a compact fluorescent is huge- hundreds of dollars over the life of the bulb if it lasts the desired 50,000 hours= 30+ years of real-world use (+/- 4hrs/day), with the added benefit of less strain on the environment. It does get hot, but I can unscrew the bulb with my bare hands after it's been on for many hours.
    An excellent, non-fatiguing task light with the brightness to replace incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs economically. As with any of these bulbs though, the long life-hour rating, and therefor the cost-effectiveness is based on the effectiveness of the heat sink. It may take years for this part of the technology to be maximized and It will be years before we know what the actual life in real world use is.

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