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10w led light

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10w led light Customers Reviews

  • Really bright white DIY Led

    posted by cymoril

    - VERY bright. Even brighter than a 220VAC 100W incandescence bulb.- Works fine when used correct voltage and polarity.- Very easily soldered.
    - One of the leads has a little punchole. That one is the positive; the other is the negative one.- It has two holes that can be used to fix to a heatsink using screws.- Works with altern current (AC) too (tested with 12VAC adapter)- Do not stare at it while ON. Don't even look directly to it. It's really BRIGHT and it could easily damage your vision permanently.
    - Fine for DIY projects. I used- May be the price is a little high. May be not. Either way, I'm happy with it.- Remember not to directly look at it.- It get's hot: haven't has time to test consumption yet; it IS working fine connected to a 22W power supply @10V.
  • A lot of light!

    posted by eeve2406

    Good build quality. Easy to mount. The single LED gives at 230v alot of light. Mounted on a wall at a height of 2.50 meters and vertically pointed to the ground, the beam reaches easely 10.00 by 5.00 meters
    For easy installing its better to open te box in top of the light and mount a longer cable. In the stores in The Netherlands you can buy halogen floodlights with the junction box which you have to open for mount the cables. Its easier than to use an extra junction box.
    Good quality, but easier to mount when some little things would be changed
  • 7022 DIY 10W 1050lm 6000K COB LED White Light Rectangle Strip - Yellow (DC

    posted by Tareka

    Great light output.Does not need special driver ~900mA @ 12.3 volts.Good compact size, Far more useful than the size suggests.
    Will be great as fixed lighting in my camper trailer.Will also try encasing the unit in epoxy resin to make connections waterproof for under water lighting.
    Very good value for money
  • Bright Warmtone Light Strip

    posted by processman

    Very Bright Warmtone Light Strip . Possibility to dim the light level through special dimm circuit (Current Regulator with LM317)is very usefull. I use it as work desk lamp.
    Very good warm tone color for desk top lighting .good homogene light emission , Only 9. . 10 Watts power consumption but light like 80 W incandescent bulb. Dont look inside it when it lighis at max. power it may disturb your Eyes and over all u see it "I" 's
    I can recommend it for especially those people Who needs bright desktop lamps. Good replacement for 20W fluorescent lighting.
  • Flood

    posted by Zvonko

    Very pleasant "yellowish" light. It is spreading widely.
    I am suing it to light up one part of my backyard. Until now, I had 150W incandescent flood light.
    It is sealed on both sides (LED and wires).
    It is really heavy, not some cheap plastic housing.
    I was trying to connect it to motion sensor, it works OK (turn on/turn off), but during the "off", it flashes every few seconds. I don't know if it is usable with PIR sensors.
    May look expensive, but I guess that it will pay off soon. It is shining all over the objects in backyard, not heating them. Love it!


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