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10w led light bulb

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10w led light bulb Customers Reviews

  • Finally a useful brightness, seemingly good value

    posted by dbrad

    A very bright, slightly cool white light, approximately equivalent to a 100watt incandescent with a beam spread similar to a medium flood. does not get as hot as an incandescent.
    Theoretically, the savings over even a compact fluorescent is huge- hundreds of dollars over the life of the bulb if it lasts the desired 50,000 hours= 30+ years of real-world use (+/- 4hrs/day), with the added benefit of less strain on the environment. It does get hot, but I can unscrew the bulb with my bare hands after it's been on for many hours.
    An excellent, non-fatiguing task light with the brightness to replace incandescent and compact fluorescent bulbs economically. As with any of these bulbs though, the long life-hour rating, and therefor the cost-effectiveness is based on the effectiveness of the heat sink. It may take years for this part of the technology to be maximized and It will be years before we know what the actual life in real world use is.
  • Not so bright

    posted by Mageek

    Not as expensive as other options i would say it saves you around 25 maybe even 30% compared to other bulb with similar characteristics and the design is also good it looks nice in any room. Nice white to blueish cold light.
    Good option for reasonable price but still could be better
    Will buy a 15w one to test
  • It's much more bright than I even expected.

    posted by FPresencia

    I expected it to be not very bright but was shocked when I plugged it in. It's really bright.The color is as described and as I wanted it, pure white.It doesn't get hot after few minutes of using it (it requires hours).
    I expect it to be completely cool, but Ohm's law is still there. After few hours of use it gets hot, although you can still hold it by the glass.
    It's not cheap but it's completely worth it. No surprise it's out of stock right now when I wanted to buy another 6!
  • Really bright white DIY Led

    posted by cymoril

    - VERY bright. Even brighter than a 220VAC 100W incandescence bulb.- Works fine when used correct voltage and polarity.- Very easily soldered.
    - One of the leads has a little punchole. That one is the positive; the other is the negative one.- It has two holes that can be used to fix to a heatsink using screws.- Works with altern current (AC) too (tested with 12VAC adapter)- Do not stare at it while ON. Don't even look directly to it. It's really BRIGHT and it could easily damage your vision permanently.
    - Fine for DIY projects. I used- May be the price is a little high. May be not. Either way, I'm happy with it.- Remember not to directly look at it.- It get's hot: haven't has time to test consumption yet; it IS working fine connected to a 22W power supply @10V.
  • Great light!

    posted by marcelon99

    The product has good quality and great cost-benefit rate and good price. Good light: replaces 60W lamps at home. Eco-friend product: reduces the energy consumption. Good design. I recommend it.
    This is a good product, I recommend it for everybody. The ambient light is very good.
    I recommend this product for general use, but be careful to avoid electric shock!


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