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  • Top quality high power emitter

    posted by JunkMeister

    This is a top end part. While the quantum efficiency isn't the highest around the ratings seem rather conservative. I am running 4 of these at 33 watts input power from a laptop power supply and a 10 watt current limiting resistor. Light output is subjectively brighter than a two tube fluorescent fixture by quite a margin. Heat sinking is an absolute must since even LEDs cannot be 100% efficient. The colour temperature is natural sunlight. I have four mounted on a heat sink/reflector in my skylight and at night is looks like the sun is still shining in.
    This is proof that LEDs are the future of home lighting. Devices such as this will shortly replace antique and expensive-polluting methods of producing light. This part is for people that want to build their own fixtures. It is capable of providing general purpose lighting for any reasonable size of residential living space.
    Top value in a high power emitter. This is a very satisfactory product. It can be run underrated and still produce huge light output which means that it will last a very long time. Buy it.
  • Good led unit for the price

    posted by chrisal

    This led unit is quite brightly! You cant look directly. You can use as common anode or cathode according to the led controller. It is quite small, half size of a small Post It.
    - It could generate less heat.
    Good choice for use as installed light. I did it inside a old Halogen 150W pencil lamp.
  • Not quite as bright as expected

    posted by Syncopated

    Fairly straightforward to use. I had no problems working with it. The only problem I had was my own fault -- I accidentally connected 42V to the red channel of one of the plates and destroyed it in a blaze of glory.
    A wide range of colors can be produced, as expected. Packaging is pretty robust -- it came wrapped in a bubble pad.
    The polarity is not marked in an obvious way. Here's how it was marked on the ones I got: The lead with a hole punch in it is the anode -- it's to be connected to the positive terminal of a power supply.
    A heatsink is probably needed if you run it continuously at full power. I use a 110mm-diameter heatsink per plate. The back of the heatsink becomes hot to touch after 1-3 minutes at full power (350mA per channel), hot enough to burn my finger if I touch it for 10-20s. These LED plates are quite nifty, but the bulky heatsinks are not so fun. In a few years, maybe technology will increase LED efficiency sufficiently so that much smaller heatsinks can be used instead. Hopefully.
    For better heat conduction to the heat sink, I think they could have made the bottom surface flatter and smoother, but I don't think it's a big deal.
    I think it's good value for money at the price I got it for.
  • Practical Performance

    posted by hatallica

    This LED is very useful for off-line drivers such as sku.42830 or sku.42745.Has a plated copper baseplate and separate leads. This provides an effective thermal path and makes soldering easier than with a "star".
    The domes of the LED had some blemishes - air bubbles or small contaminants. These did not seem to have any significant affect.I have been using an outdoor lighting application for about 4 months. So far, so good. I am under-driving 2 of these at ~0.7A, and they light up my 20+ meter driveway as well as the old 150W halogen fixture.Color temperature is not unlike the SSC P4 sold on DX. Maybe 6000K to 7000K.
    Good if you want a simple off-line solution, when paired with sku.42830 or sku.42745.XM-L would be preferred if you can use a lower-voltage, higher current driver.
  • Excelente iluminação para seu aquário

    posted by agondim

    Excelente iluminamento, surpreende Pelo tamanho e Pelo alto Poder de Iluminação. E UMA boa AQUISIÇÃO parágrafo SUA Iluminação.
    Poderia esquentar Menos, Exige ventilador Dedicado.
    Boa AQUISIÇÃO parágrafo SUA luminária de corais, imprecisona Pelo tamanho Pequeno e Alto Poder de Iluminação.


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