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10w led driver

Check out the great 10w led driver to see if there is any that suits you. Customers worldwide including Russia, Brazil, America, Spain all choose DX as their preferred online shopping website. You can find what you want at led current driver, led driver 220v. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.
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10w led driver Customers Reviews

  • Neat little product, but they could've put in a bit more amp for the price

    posted by ZR3

    This is an extremely nice LED driver as it is beautifully finished and works just fine. Voltage output is a nice steady 12.5 volts (very accurate since the stated output voltage is 12 volts) and stays cool under load. Polarity is conveniently stated (both) on the LED driver body (sticker) and using colour coded wires. The driver body frame also incorporates two convenient mounting holes for easy installation.
    Using this to drive my SKU 164358 10W LED and my SKU 8944 cooler together in parallel (which both run fine together, if anyone's thinking). And although I am planning to operate this on dry conditions this thing is waterproof as stated by them, so feel free to install this/these in damp conditions (haven't tested for this feature myself though).
    I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a compact, enclosed LED driver of this power range, but I guess people could go lower regarding price if they opt for (or find) an "open" design which I'm very well sure won't be the least water resistant - this is waterproof on the other hand (haven't tested for this feature myself though as I've stated before).
  • Does the job!

    posted by brainzilla2

    It's a 3x3W Common Anode (CA) power-LED-driver.
    Works as advertised, setup is easy if you know what you are doing.
    The IR-remote works well and feels responsive.
    No bad flicker, just some little ones when switching extreme colors. 8 bit dimming I guess.
    Has quite a lot of programs but no documentation so I just sum it up:
    - Gradients
    - Direct color change
    - Blink modes
    - Flash modes
    - Insane disco blink modes - your teenage kids will dig it!
    - Speed can be regulated (not too well but it's ok)
    - Brightness can be regulated in some modes
    - OFF-button
    The WHITE is not linear at all - starts with a blueish tone, then reddish, then just dirty and ends up as some kind of warm white. I wonder if the 10W LED (sku.66291) or this driver is to blame.
    Good choice for whipping up a quick mood-light.
    Sure you can build this for like $ 3 yourself, but then time is money - and you get the remote with it which is a real plus!
  • 10W LED Constant Current Source Power Supply Driver (90~265V)

    posted by ppaw

    This is a small, compact led driver, Good price and best of all it works.And if something should go wrong it is repairable
    Instant start up for the LED where as some others take up to 1 second to illuminate the LED
    Good compact low cost LED driver with a low power usage.
  • Good driver

    posted by kde11

    - Price;- Switched power supply (high efficiency);- Good build quality;- DC output is electrically isolated from AC input;- Driver doesn't burn out if powered on without workload (although I didn't test it in this mode for a long time)- Noiseless;- Doen't produce too much heat even when continiously loaded (no need for any heat dissipator).
    I've used this driver to power sku.80512http://www.dealextreme.com/p/12w-7000k-800-lumen-white-led-emitter-metal-strip-12-14v-80512This LED strip needs more power, so when I firstly connected it to the driver I got only 450 mA through the LEDs. Then I changed R3 to 4.7 KOhm (I've found this value by experimenting, original resistor was 5.1K) and got about 880 mA (that is close enough to 900 mA declared in the LED specs). Probably this is the maximum current this driver can produce (I got about 12.4 V at LED strip) since other values of R3 produced less current.
    Good driver, especially for its price.Also I've added 24 Ohm resistor in series with the AC input to reduce input rectifier peak load when connecting the driver to the AC power supply (this also removes a lot of sparks when inserting plug into the wall socket). While working, this resistor consumes only 2 V of input voltage, so I recommend everybody to modify the driver this way (10 - 20 Ohms is OK for it).I recommend this driver to everybody who needs small switched power supply with 12V output and 500-900 mA load. Hope it will last long.


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