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10w lamp Customers Reviews

  • Nice light! Replaces a 100W halogen floodlight.

    posted by Popup

    The light quality is very nice. The colour temperature is very similar to a Halogen light. (Warmer than SJU54859, but not excessively yellow.)
    The reflector assembly feels solid, and the silicone seals have a good feel to them. It ought to be fairly weatherproof (IP54?)
    Nice, efficient light. It ought to start saving money after a couple of hundred hours, which isn't bad.
    Nice light, but could be even better.
  • Good lamp

    posted by randomizer

    Lamp's material seems to be good quality. The fabrication should be better but the is no fatal defects. There are sealings so it might be water tight but don't count on it.
    If you want to have LED lights in your terrace and you don't need very bright lights, this could be your choise.
  • Bright LEDs

    posted by Crowbot

    Light housing good quality. Threads and seals in good shape. Lens and LED are clean. Wires are a bit small, but good quality.
    They do get hot, so make sure they're bolted to something metal to draw the heat out, or have good airflow over them.The flashing sequence on start up is nice. Also the full flashing feature (with white wire connected) would make for great indicator lights.
    I'd buy them again, at this (10) price.
  • Good deal

    posted by xovox

    Bright led (don't look at it for long time), nice remote, qood quality, seems to be waterproof not for pool, but for street installation. 3 flat pin australian plug, but ground wire is not connected (just cutted) inside. Smaller then I thought. Price is ok for good and quality product. Usefull for garden decoration.
    Waiting for brighter ones...
    Good buy.
  • light

    posted by dixon90

    Looks pretty decent, nice small light with high light output. The color is actually not bad to look at. Usually warm white LED's a far from being incandescent warm, but this light does the job.
    Not sure about water-tightness, but it has silicon seals all round. It might stand-up to rain showers.
    It's not cheap, it's not expensive either..
    If you are looking for a bright, nicely colored, usable flood light, this is the one to get.

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