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10w cree led

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10w cree led Customers Reviews

  • Great CREE XM-L

    posted by Potstada

    Very, very, very bright. I use it only at my bike at ~500mA out of my dynamo. Surly its oversized, but so it running extremly effective. But even so it is no comparison to my old halogen bulb (which was also good). It makes light subjectively 4 times more as the old bulb.
    Perhabs I gonna use the next XM-L's for a spot at higher power. We will see.
    Very bright emitter, nice price what else could you demand ;)
  • Very high quality

    posted by ibbleobble

    This a very solid, high quality light. The front is screwed in tightly, and there are two o rings, one to seal the front, and another to protect the lens from the glass. It is definitely a Cree XM-L, as seen in the photo. I measured the wattage at just over 9 watts, which is probably the maximum you could drive it in such a small package.The case gets hot in a warm, still room, but not too hot. It seems to have effective heat management, and the mounting is very secure. The wire is thick and well insulated.It is very bright.
    I'm not sure if the beam angle is really sixty degrees. It seems fairly narrow to me, but good for a motorbike light, or landscape lighting.
    I'm very pleased. I may put it on my scooter, or use it for outdoor lighting at my shop. I will probably buy more.
  • Great auxiliary light for motorcycles

    posted by hlpereira

    It's a very good light for a great price;I haven't installed it on my motorcycle yet, just tested with a alcaline 9V battery on the dark and it's amazing what 900lm can do for your safety;I'm buying a second piece to install on my bike;
    I feel like it's perfect for motorcycles with low power serve, as it only uses 10W. I still haven't measure how much amps it uses, but when I do I'll make a new review with video and pictures.
    By now, I recomend this light to everyone.
  • Not 10w but well built.

    posted by HighBeamIT

    Well built, nice and solid, sturdy case.Works from 5v up to 32v, could not test higher voltage. Nice bright, white, light.Good mounting hardware, and connectors, good cable
    The light gets a bit warm in use, but not too bad.Good feature that they can be connected to a stack of several lights as a ramp.
    Good value for money !Will buy more of these for sureHave to look for a version with wide beam also.

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