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10w cob led

You can easily find the latest low priced 10w cob led offered at our online shop. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Browse the products from 3000k led cob, or some other related Pages like 6000k cob led. May you have a great shopping experience with our worldwide free shipping.
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10w cob led Customers Reviews

  • Phenominal LED Light bar!

    posted by JohnCGibbons

    Does not generate too much heat (but it still really does need a heat sink). Light output is simply unbelievable! Very bright for such a small package size. Great for RV's or campers or any remote place where you only have 12V power.
    Excellent light dispersion from the strip - great for general lighting!
    A fantastic deal for the size and power draw and the amount of light it puts out. Best I've seen so far for LED lights!
  • 10W 3500K LED Alternative...

    posted by wampyz

    very bright 3500 K light when driven at max spec of 12 V and 900 mA... less bright and warmer 3000 K light when driven at 650 mA... cheaper alternative to the other 900 lumen 3500 K LED chips offered on this site...
    you can over drive these chips with slightly higher current... definitely do not try without a heat sink as it will fry even faster and potentially go into thermal runaway... have over driven the chips to 1050 mA with proper heat sinking...
    better value LED chip than the other comparable ones on this site...
  • Cheap, bright, essy to use

    posted by lechn

    Very good quality spot led device! Must be driven with constant current 300 mA at ~ 30V. Makes a good pair with the driver 102691 (12 W 300mA, 20-48V), although some flickering can be observed when fed from this device. Gives a very bright, warm light, the color temperature is much like an incandescent bulb. Can easily be fixed to any surface with three 4mm screws (and nuts).
    Gets reasonably hot when on, it's normal. Should be tightly connected to any flat metal surface with some thermal paste, not necessarily to the heat sink. High temperatures shorten led's life!
    Cheap, reliable, easy to use, very bright, warm light
  • lots of light

    posted by iControl

    a lot of light comes from this strip. Dimmable with dc dimmer.Works fine with 12DC
    Maybe it's possible to make the light warmer with yellow or orange filter foil.
    Energy saving strip with a lot of light, even with only 10Watt. Personally I wont use it in my livingroom because the color is too cool, too white. But somewhere else it wil be a perfect light.
  • Warm white sun

    posted by bozzzzo

    Bright! The light gives off a pleasant warm white.Made a ceiling lamp from five of these and it's almost too bright.The shape of the element is especially suitable for making of light sticks suspended from ceiling.
    These LED lights require mandatory cooling. You need to make sure to keep the LED element under 50C to maintain low current consumption. At 100C the current doubles, but emitted light stays the same. You need to provide about 100cm2 cooling surface per lamp of minimum thickness 2mm. Use silicone heat paste to improve heat transfer. A viable option is 30mm square aluminum tube with 2mm wall thickness, allow about 20cm of the tube per LED light, 5 elements per meter, temperature stays about 45C (25C over ambient)
    The prototype worked out excellent. Just bought more elements for two more lamps.

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