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  • Good lamp for swimming pool

    posted by prfaasse

    Cheap easy to install lamp for a swimming pool. The IP67 means submersible, and submerged it is. The blueish light carries very far under water, making the light of this lamp very comparable to the previous lamp, at a fraction (1/30-th) of the power. There are no signs of leakage problems after more than a month of operation under water. Delivery was prompt.
    This lamp is used as a replacement for a leaking an broken (8m x 4m) back-yard swimming pool lamp. We had fun devicing a waterproof under-water cable joint between the original (vert thick..) fixed-into-the-wall cable intended for the 25 Amps @ 12 Volts suppliy, and the much slimmer cable provided with the lamp. We did not want to disassemble the lamp itself, so as to best preserve the sealing of it. The lamp fits quite easily in the 'hole' where the old lamp used to be. Small wonder that all underwater lamps in public swimming pools have been replaced with this kind of LED lamps: much lower power consumption, not leakage problems (presumably caused by thermal effects of the old-style light bulbs), much better control over the generated light spectrum (there is no point in generating reddish light under water: it will just get absorbed by the water). Please supply with a 12V, 1 Amps cinstant-current supply (e.g. SKU 164916).
  • Really bright from a small emitter, great price

    posted by 4xssx4

    This thing is extremely bright for a small emitter, the color is a nice deep blue and creates a lot of shimmer, great for saltwater tanks, it makes the corals and the fishes colors pop and illuminate, it also penetrates the deep with plenty of light at two feet
    Wish I bought extra, the first time I bought some they came in bubble wrap, the second they came in plastic baggies, don't know why but they weren't damaged
    Great value, bright, small, easy to solder
  • Excelente iluminação para seu aquário

    posted by agondim

    Excelente iluminamento, surpreende Pelo tamanho e Pelo alto Poder de Iluminação. E UMA boa AQUISIÇÃO parágrafo SUA Iluminação.
    Poderia esquentar Menos, Exige ventilador Dedicado.
    Boa AQUISIÇÃO parágrafo SUA luminária de corais, imprecisona Pelo tamanho Pequeno e Alto Poder de Iluminação.
  • So Far So Good

    posted by jlinnema

    Incredibly easy to solder due to the extended legs with through holes. Quite bright. Cool runningSeems to be the correct colors for plant response
    I received 4 of these just a few days ago. Currently running a 19.5V constant voltage supply, 3.3 OHM (10 W) resistor, and then two grow lights in series. The lights are affixed to a 3/8" thick plate of Al with an old P4 heatsink on the other side. Ran for 8 hours with minimal heat buildup and the basil seemed to respond well (went from curved towards the window to vertical while on)
    Much cheaper than purchasing a combination of 8 red and 1 blue LED, and so far seem to be functioning as expected.

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