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10m cable Customers Reviews

  • Great stuff, i would buy this again.

    posted by mrmmmdx

    Excellent, sturdy looking cable. Black, rubberized exterior. Looks like it will stand up to quite a bit of use.Comes with protective cap for both ends. Ten metres long... longest hdmi cable i have ever seen, and for such a great price. You're probably going to leave most of its length rolled up, its quite a lot of cable.
    Good buy. Its a bit heavy though, if you don't need such a long cable, you'd probably better go with something shorter. But its a great deal if you're up for it.
    Glad i bought it. Good value
  • Reasonable Cable

    posted by drnkbeer

    Was usable no problems with the cable itself, works fine. No connection problems keeps the speed of devices regular.Came in a small package so i was pleased with it.
    Only took about 5 days to reach me here in the UK so pretty fast delievery.
    You can get them cheaper elsewhere including postage, but Convenient.

    Does exactly what it says on the tin, so you cant really complain about the product
    Good quality cable ! Fast delievery for the item.
  • Does what it should

    posted by Ayooo

    Very long cat cable, 10M is longer than what is looks on paper. nice protection at the plugs. Very light and flexible. this doesnt add any extra baggage at all. very usefull and practical.
    If u need a long cat 6 cable, which doesnt add extra weight and baggage, then this is the one u are looking for. Would definitely recommend this product. very happy with mine.
  • Fair price - for good quality

    posted by Twilight1959

    The quality seems very good. The length is double the recommended maximum 5m of the USB 2.0 specification. However, the cable works perfectly well - also with relatively demanding devices such as digital cameras.Apparently this is due to the good quality of materials used (low impedence) and the shielded construction.Also, the plugs are standard size and fit well the corresponding ports. The whole (plugs and cable) is protected in transparent bluish plastic and includes a ferrite choke for figh-frequencey noise suppression.
    A solid black version would be welcome. then again, this is a matter of personal taste - nothing to do with functionality; no complaints there.
    Very good quality at a fair price. I would buy again.
  • Excellent Value For Money, why pay more for the same item

    posted by gypsies

    Excellent Price & Value for moneyWell ConstructedNo Picture lossHDMI Terminals are connected wellCable doesn't kink as it is very thick
    Great product, stores in Australia are selling the exact same cable for well over $50.00, this is a bargain for the price
    Why Pay $50+ for the same item elsewhere. The 10 metre cable is great using my Ipad on a large plasma TV

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