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100w light white

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100w light white Customers Reviews

  • Nice look and resistant

    posted by brunoingegneri

    - Nice yellow look- The light bulb has good quality- More resistant than the standard shopping bulbs- Long life (4 months until now, of constant use, 'cause i like to drive with lamps on even at daylight)- Brighter than normal lamps, but not a annoying-powerfull glow- Comes in a nice pack
    - The color is a little too boring after some time.
    If you would like to have a yellow light bulb, you should buy this. But it has already bored me. So i changed back to mine normal light bulb. Only because the color annoys me.
  • h7 bulbs at this price whats there to loose

    posted by daniellou

    it is bang for your buck at this price what isn't a pro already,usaully h7 bulbs regaldless of make you will be expected to pay minimum $20 at your local auto shop,came intact and in a hard case so no harm could be done,i have ordered in the pass on other websites and they sent bulbs in a bubblewrap in envelope so was happy it had original packaging.
    if it blew you can still have enough to buy another and still save but fingers crossed it lasts and copes with the heat these bulbs discharge
    a great buy highly recommend it to everyone at this stage good on you dx,another day shooping with you another few more dollars saved,happy chappy
  • Good product

    posted by victorbrazuca

    It's sold for a good price, and on my car, peugeot 207, it was easy to install on headlights. It gets a Blue effect on the headlights, but the color of light is not so white as well.
    Good duration and satisfatory quality for the price paid. The case arrived sealed and in excellent conditions. The product arrived in 45 days approx. because I live in Brazil, but nothing anormal.
    Reccomend. But if you want more quality, use diamond vision from Philips.
  • Excellent Lights!

    posted by wlmpwlmp

    Very good bulbs. Produce a white colored light. Got them for a 98' volvo s70, to use in the foglights position. They are very bright in comparison to the stock halogen bulbs. Very happy with these lights. They shipped in the pictured case and with that said, they are well protected for transit. Similar bulbs in my home town(canada) run around $29-$45 plus tax. It's worth the wait to order them to online from dx.
    Appear to have good build quality. For those who don't know this....when installing these bulbs...DO NOT TOUCH THE GLASS!!!!!!!!!! Only handle the bulb by the connector portion only. To many people state here the bulbs of only lasted a week or less, most likely those people handled the bulb by its glass portion. I have bought quite a few sets of this brand of bulb(9006,9005,H1,H7) for friends, that I installed and no problems. They have an excellent life span.
    Good bulbs, it's a no brainer, buy them.
  • Comfortable warm white light, a bit yellowish

    posted by zebul

    I made several attempts to get an acceptable high power LED light for living room. Cold white emitters were not comfortable. I tried other warm white emitter plates e.g. SKU 142033, but these gave an inacceptable kind of brown-green light and were very inefficient. This product finally has a nice warm white color. Objects look natural.The emitter plate is big, about 5x5 cm. I screwed it on a big CPU cooler using heat-conductive paste and also installed a very slowly rotating fan (8 cm), using 8 single LEDs and a 10R resistor in series to lower the voltage. The chip is easy to solder. I used a constant current power supply from ebay with 32-36 V and 1,5 A resulting in 50W ("RD50-36", 15 Euro, made in China). This is only half the rated power of the LED chip but more than enough for the room. Maybe it's about 4000 lm with this 50W so efficiency is ok.
    I payed 22 dollars, it is worth this price. If you need a high power LED DIY light with a comfortable warm color buy this one.
    It's a pity that DX only publishes positive or merely positive reviews and does not so with negative ones in other cases.

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