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100w led led module

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100w led led module Customers Reviews

  • LED makes darknes to daylight.

    posted by lasermanathome

    Powerd with the transducer 12-35V 150W I have powered up this 100 Watt led after the care of sufficient cooling.Already at 25V this led is becomming bright, at 28V it is impossible to look at it and with about 34 V/3Athe full amount of 10 000 lumens is produced from the relativity small led chip.Looking at it from even a greater distance is a nasty and for your eyes a bad experience, like looking in the sun.The color is about the same and a big livingroom is ligh-t out completely when the led is directed to a white ceiling.I have no doubt that this ledunit can produce 10 000 lumens.
    You can use a 12V-35V inverter like I did, in this case you can use a big resistor with about 1/2 Ohm in serie or use PWM.Because the resistance of the chip changes when it becomes hot, a normal resistor is neccesary.My experience showed that 1/2 Ohm 5-10 Watt is optimal.
    This ledunit is a beast, overclasses even HID bulbs of about the same power and the full power exitstimmediately, so don't look at the led when you switsh it on (lik I did the first time), otherwise you can see the 100 dots in a squaire for a long time as an after-effect.
  • Works nicely, but skeptical regarding connector

    posted by Highlord

    Small device, screw holes, easy to adjust voltage. Nice range, seems quite reliable.
    Keep in mind that I'm not experienced in electronics, nor have I tried many alternatives. If no one else comments on the connector, it might just be me doing it wrong.
    I don't regret buying it, I'll surely keep finding uses for it.
  • Ideal for your DIY project

    posted by ale.hirata

    The product came very well packed. The build quality is very good, there is no burrs of the injected plastic and even the aluminum plate. The bright of the light is very high, I don´t have any equipment to mesure the lumens but I believe that is just like the announces said.
    if you are looking for powerfull LED - this is right choice ! It´s very powerfull and economic.
    I like it very much.
  • LED module 100W

    posted by Luc6580

    This module delivers a lot of light when combined with the power module 100W.It's easy to fix with four screws on a cooling element.
    The combination with the power module 100W is very good.The module delivers nearly no heat and is very small (120 x55x35 mm)
    The efficienty is very good, i estimate 80 lumen per watt, but is not better than a good TL light.When the efficienty still increases,it will be worthwhile to build it in fixture's for living purposes.The color of the light must also be improved.

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