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1000 lumen flashlight

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1000 lumen flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Expensive but bright

    posted by IBFS1

    Delivery package: Arrived wrapped in sigle bublewrap inside in simple white carbord box.First looks: clean and nice, no manufacturing faults visible. Carrying strap works. Clear looking LED. Like the lightweight, pocketsize short body. All Hi > Mid > Low > Fast Strobe > SOS modes work as claimed. Memory function remembers last mode used.
    It has o-ring between glass lens and bezel (crown), one between bezel and body, inside head between led-unit and headbody, and one o-ring in tailcap.Test run with ceiling bounce inside: Produces more light than single 18650 battery SSC P7. Produces less light than Trustfire TR-1200 (5*Cree Q5).Test run outside: Lights up whole garden and neigbours gardens and house walls from 50 m distance.Bright center spot and large dimmer area around center spot. SST-50 LED produces much brighter center spot in comparison to SSC P7 LED which has nicer more even flood in my eyes. Tested with Protected Trustfire 18650 2500mAh. No total runtime tested yet. Heats up the whole flash body really fast using Hi-mode in room temperatures.
    Expensive light. $/lument too high to buy another one. Qualitywise best one so far. All other lights I have recieved earlier were dirty or broken or otherwise bruised. One can get two SSC P7 flaslight (almost) for the price of this one with same body model (look for Spiderfire SSC P7). This was first looks experience, future use will tell how reliable it will be.
  • Fantastic package, awesome flaslight.

    posted by Ironius

    Bright, really bright. Those two 18650 batteries really give this flashlight some punch. There is a nice, bright spot, plus enough brightness in the peripheral area to make it extremely useful in a wide space. Not that you would use this flashlight to find you car's keyhole. You could probably set up a small lighthouse with this device.Build quality looks and feels very good. Nice O-ring seals in the back, solid switch, massive body.
    You can probably use it as a club.Batteries should be tested long-term, so I can't say anything about their quality, other than the fact that it's great to buy an all-in-one package like this, where you get your flashlight, batteries, charger, accesories and a nice box. In all, it makes for a very nice gift (which I bought it for).I'd be happier if they had thrown in a plastic cap to protect the "head" when not in use, and maybe a red filter for better night vision.
    Nice buy, even if it could be a bit cheaper (bu what couldn't?). I'd like to give it some more extensive testing, but, in the meantime, I'm happy with what I've seen. Would buy again.
  • good flashlight

    posted by luvcamping

    Nice flashlight, bright, and strong build for body. The light do not get hot. Do not know exactly how long the battery last, but it seem long enough for me.
    Wish there is an upgrade with higher lumen light. Hope DX ship the missing strap.
    perfect flashlight.
  • Aurora SH-42 HA-III Luminus SST-50 5-Mode 1000-Lum

    posted by vesjas

    Small and compact for my use. Very bright and instantly blinding. Better distance thrower with the smooth reflector vs. textured.
    This will be used for Police Work. I've had a MagCharger for 22 years and this light overpowers it in brightness and realistic Police work.
    Excellent value, size and output. Buying another for a buddy as a gift.
  • pretty good

    posted by coreyg13

    Very bright for such a relatively small light. Great craftsmanship, smooth fittings twist off easy, O rings everywhere. Great for hunting, camping and everyday use. Love the two mode switch for when you don’t need to wake up the neighbors. Great flood and throw. Has more flood then my Stinger and maybe a little more throw.
    Two mode is perfect for when you need ultra bright and just a little light
    Buying more for a couple of guys I deer hunt with. This is the light you want for tracking deer at night. Boy is it bright. It is like having a set of headlights in the woods with you.

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