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100 red led

Every single 100 red led displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Find more popular products from red blue led, red white led. DX provides a secure and comfortable shopping environment.
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100 red led Customers Reviews

  • Very good value, plan to buy several more

    posted by Zeddeh

    - a very small unit, more compact that I had thought- build is pretty solid- very clean white light, nice balance of flood & spot- can reach 100ft, not bright at this distance but can still see objects outside- very bright for its size- glass lens is a nice bonus- tail switch is solid and works cleanly each time- I like the wrist strap, comes in handy for my uses
    - as recommended by others, I greased the threads, goes together much smoother now- the perfect AAA flashlight for me would be this BlackCat with an additional low mode. None of this 3 or 5 mode strobe stuff, just a simply, High->Low modes option.- also bought AA (sku28544), and have preferred this smaller unit since it doesn't have the annoying 5 memory mode switch, and seems about 80% as bright as the AA version mentioned above, and a lot smaller- only other improvement would be to add a sliding locking clip to the strap so that it would secure the light from falling off your arm if there a lot of movement- best for indoor use although I have used it outside and could see (some) light at about 100-150 feet, so would be good for walking at night- mine came with a Tank007 strap for some reason- if the battery is just starting to get "weak" the light may not click on when the button is pressed... at first this perplexed me, but if I waited about 2 min and tried it again, the light came on... although you could see that the intensity was quite reduced... seems that when it gets too low on amperage there is not enough juice to power the LED... good indicator to change batteries I suppose
    - A well built, solid, bright, tiny AAA light. I plan to buy a few more of these.- Before I bought this I read a fairly good review on this unit from (http://www.candlepowerforums.com/)
  • Good quality LED's

    posted by virtualgeek

    It's very good quality on the LED's, and they are also very cheap. They are perfect for projects where you need some LED's for indication. Like for example a combination of one red and one green for signalling result of an action.
    Cheap to buy and you have enough ones to build something together.
    A very good buy.If you're a hobby electronics geek like me, you probably need to have these at your workbench. They are perfect for DIY Electronic Projects.
  • Lenght is important!

    posted by supersonic

    I wanted a single row of light for my Christmas tree but It was very hard to find long lights and short price.... until DX
    Leds are much brighter and use less power than standard Xmas light. Don't miss it

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