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100 lumen flashlight

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100 lumen flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Impressive all purpose light

    posted by jassius

    Solid metal case, Simple on-off switch with no wistles or bells.
    Comes with adapters for different kinds of batteries.
    Big circle with uniform light. Focusable lens with just an slide to concentrate light. I've focused the square led shape at night on buildings about 100 meter far.
    There are brighter lamps, but this one does not get too hot, and so far batteries are lasting a lot.
    Comes in a big nice case with all the pieces on it that makes it perfect for a present.
    It can be used with CR123 batteries. Those are expensive but I count this as a pro because at work we have a big box of those surpluses.
    This one had become a fix item on my car. Makes a comfortable light for night checks / repairs, map reading. Better than the portable light that came with it.
  • Cheap, but very practical flashlight!

    posted by TaaJau

    + Very good brightness!
    + Good price!
    + Runs on AA batteries - they are cheap and available everywhere.
    + Supports CR123A batteries.
    + Good runtime with 2xAA.
    * It is very similar to the Romisen RC-N3 ( sku. 9070 ), only about ~$ 5.5 cheaper!
    * Tried both types of batteries - practically the same brightness.
    * brightness is very good and quite sufficient for everyday use. I am also using the UltraFire 501b with R2 LED - of course 501b is brighter, but not so much.
    If you do not use a flashlight every day, not need to spend money on expensive flashlight + charger + Li-ION batteries. This flashlight is a good enough, and runs on 2xAA even longer than expensive flashlights on rechargeable batteries.
    For money saved in choosing this flashlight you can buy extra AA batteries for several months or even years!
  • Very small, very bright!

    posted by mirecSA

    I have severall Cree LED flashlights from DX and some from other sources - which i can compare. I love flashlights where you can use a batteries, which are everywhere sold = AA/AAA. Just now i have also the Ultrafire A3-Q5 to compare. I loaded both with the Sonshine AAA 1100 acumulators from DX - the Black Cat has slightly lower output but still very bright. The light spot is visible also at daylight and in the dark it is very strong.
    Nothing at all - it is very small, strong, good build flashlight for the price. Goood to use with brand alcaline or acumulator batteries.
    This is the smallest flashlight in this bright range - simply i dont saw anything comparable for the money.
  • Very good

    posted by Bootman

    Very good and strong light, great for house or car. Had it now for over a year, still works like new!
    I use it at my work and at home.
    Dropped it 3 meters, nothing!, un be f*king believeble.
    Well worth the money! Holds great even rough handeling! Easy to mod with parts sold here.
    Not meny better for this price! Over a year of hard usage, and still going strong! Gonna get a more of these babys, and some bigger ones at that.
  • Very bright and cheap!

    posted by Malte52

    - Very bright! - It’s very compact and easy to handle. - The zoom function is neat. You can see far over 100 meter away even though it’s all dark.- A nice string for the wrist.- Very long battery life even though it is very bright. - Suitable for the pocket.- Very cheap for a very nice flash light- Appears unbreakable - Uses normal AAA batteries
    I don’t know how long the batteries will last.
    GO BUY IT! It’s the best flash light I’ve ever tried. And for a cheap price as well.

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