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10 smd led

You may find that it is quite easy to purchase 10 smd led here and you can save money at the same time. At DX all products are checked in the quality control department before being packed and sent to you. Find more popular products from smd led e27, smd led e14. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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10 smd led Customers Reviews

  • Nice replacement!

    posted by Hosoman

    Works just as it should. The difference between lo (tail) and hi (brake) mode is sufficient, just about the same as with the regular incandescent bulbs. Pretty compact dimensions. Sufficient brightness. Scatters light to the sides - lightens up the whole reflector.
    I prefer red LEDs for tail/brake light, because there is no use in producing whole spectrum with white LEDs and then filtering it by red glass. Use of red LEDs for red light is simply the most efficient way. Moreover, red LEDs are usually most efficient of all the colors.
    Recommended if you don't ming SLIGHTLY lower hi mode brightness.
  • Awesome light.

    posted by ppaiva

    I used 3 reels with one 12Vcc 15A power supply (124509) for a decorative indirect ilumination in a living room.It looked wonderfull.The 3300K warm light gave the perfect cosiness sensation in the room.The reel comes in an anti static bag that can avoid long transport issues.The reel is graduated so you dont need to measure how much of the strip lasts in it.The adhesive tape appied in it's rear is a very strong 3M tape.The cut marks and soldering points are a good way to do maintenance in case some of the smd led's die.
    The cosiness achieved by using those LED's just made my home a lot better place to be.
    If somebody asks me I would say to buy it before it gets more expensive.
  • Good LEDs

    posted by geri303

    The strip cuttable after every 3rd LED. Every 50cm soldered to each other. Use only 12V battery, or 12V power supply! Three LED use ~20mA at 12V its 0,24W. 10 meter of these 200pcs 48W. The specification is correct.Easy to use, it has mounting tape at the back.The tape is very stong, better than you think. Just cut some LED, solder it and use.It comes in antistatic bag.Very good price.
    Good price for 10 meter LED strip. Cuttable, light weight, comes with tape.I use it for night light on the floor. I use it for light a small aquarium ~20L. You can't use on a bigger aquarium, only ~20cm tall.
  • Good Led light

    posted by laplace

    Very good price for this type of light.Color is good, light can be like a 25 W incandescent light. No malfunction till this moment. Construction good.
    nothing special, very good price.Note that also when switched off ther is always a little quantity of light
    Nothing special very good price
  • Nice Set!

    posted by AlexNEMO

    Good Price. The price of one light-emitting diode - less than 6 cents! The cost of white and blue light-emitting diodes - the most attractive!Good Quality, high brightness LEDs.[???] ???????? ????! ??????? ????????? ?????? ?????????? - ????? 1,7 ??????! ??? ????? ? ????? ??????????? ???? - ????? ??? ??????????????!
    I want to wish - lay out detailed information on each type of LEDs! At least source voltage and current!
    Buy, without deliberating! The price of one light-emitting diode - less than 6 cents!

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