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10 pack light Customers Reviews

  • onother nice lens for making tail lights

    posted by windman

    These has bumps at surface. these are like lines instead of dots so light diffusion is not good as other lenses.but these are cheap
    i have no other thoughs.
    If you are doing do it yourself projects for your car or for yoru bike, these can be good candidates as tail light lenses. for each tail light, 10 pcs of lensed are ok.
  • Actinic Grade 1W LED Salt Water Aquarium

    posted by ElectroMojo

    The Spectrum around 420NM is spot on ... flourecence is spectacular. The light quality is quite remarkable. I have 3 of them running in a 17G tank and the result it superb. I would defintely recommend these for Salt Water Aquarium use.LED's stay quite cool too. The Lens is clear and construction quality is acceptable for building products.
    Being a component make sure you undertand LED power requirements before you order LED's
    I recommend these for LED ACTINIC light for Coral's in Salt Water Aquarium Use.
  • Excellent price for 1 watt LEDs

    posted by RacerXGT0

    For the price, these are excellent project LED's in the 1 watt territory. At the solder points, very tiny (+) and (-) marks stamped for polarity identification. Bottom is metal for thermal compound application for heat sinks. LED's are very bright!
    These have a Edison Edixeon style about them. I took a chance on their color, and I am very happy once I started working with them and got them to light up. Their color is NEUTRAL WHITE(5500-6000K), a very crisp white light, not yellow and definitely no bluish tint, only pure white. The need heat sinks to dissipate heat otherwise they're not going to last very long. They also need a good current driver to ensure long life.
    I plan to use these for lighting around the house and for an automotive Daytime Running Light project. The color is perfect for a DRL, exactly like that as found on the Audi A4.
    Best price for 90 lumen 1 watt LED emitters that are pure (neutral)white.
    What you see in this product listing, is what you get
  • Nice, but still trying to figure out why are there dolphins...

    posted by dlucas

    * They are fairly cheap (at least if compared to local prices)* They look good on the lights* Most attachments have a really "christmassy" look;
    I attached a photo I took from our tree, that shows some of these attachements.
    I will probably buy a couple more packs for the next xmas.Even though the package has little problems (dolphins), I liked it, overall (dolphins, dolphins).
  • Nice bright lights

    posted by Nygma

    Very small and very bright lights. I bought 2 packs together with SKU 140015 for mounting. I have connected them in series and drive them SKU 157686 from the mains.
    I bought some U aluminium channels from the local DIY store (sold for picture frames). LEDs and fixed to the channel, wires running inside and all screwed into the ceiling outside. I applied glue from glue gun for waterproofing. See attached pictures. It is outside for weeks now in winter. Working just fine.
    perfect and cheap for any DIY work. Consider heatsink since these small LEDs produce considerable amount of heat.


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