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    posted by hotdogs+is+good

    good build qual (what could go wrong though!)
    runs straight from 2xAAs, ran these for 3 months or so and then swapped em for blue DX leds. No batts dead and no dimness.
    hehe I am out of them! I used em all/lost em all. LOL. Is there a 100pack? I would order one!
    DEFINATELY WORTH THE CASH! Also a side note, buy these + some 3v Coincell batteries and make heaps of non(or you could add RE magnets)magnetic LED throwies on Christmas Eve and use them as Christmas presents! make like 300 for 10 friends or something. 30 each wont cost that much! nothing as fun as chucking throwies!
  • Seems ideal for my home solar lighting project

    posted by sansjunk

    I bought these to see how well they would work for making a lamp for residential solar powered lighting use and they look quite promising. I strung 8 of them to check them out and though I was under-driving them the light output was quite good (I don't have equipment to measure the light output).- Though these are the white ones they don't have the annoying (to me!) blue tinge so I was apprehensive before buying them but another reviewer has thankfully mentioned this point.- Since they are 1W 70 Lumen diodes you can string as many as you need depending on the room size and the amount of lighting you need.
    I wish DX would post the datasheet so we can get the most out of these.
    Good component LEDs to build larger custom lamps.
  • Bright white light, saves energy

    posted by Gcharger

    It's a very bright light, good for the interior of the car or licence plate illumination.Easy to install, if the bulb won't work, flip it around.
    These LED's will only work one way, they don't have reverse polarity.
    If the build quality was better and the would last longer, it would be a great buy.
    They do save power.
    If this light is o big for your purpose at hand, check out these product: SKU 5554, SKU 5526, SKU 5512, SKU 5740.
    Nice for a short while, then the go south.
    Not to expensive, so you can always try a set.
  • Good Leds

    posted by ScrewLoose

    Decently bright leds
    Easy way to pick up some leds for projects
  • Best 10mm leds that i have had for long time.

    posted by etsdriver

    Got eleven even when i ordered 10pcs. But the leds are great and hande the sanding for making the light break more. Great for spotlighting some things if used in paraller or series. The forward voltage is usual 3,2V Arduino Uno lights these pretty bright.
    Nice leds for lighting or for some DIY projects.
    Quality, cheap,no postage fees and working LED's, i will order these more :)

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