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1.3 lcd Customers Reviews

  • It's works very well, you don't need to debate

    posted by shachmat

    1. The device gives you temperature indication of body and object.you can change modes easily .2. the temperature accurate is +-0.2 and this is the maximum accuracy that any other expensive device will give you.3. instructions were very clear.4. it's got memory off last 10 resulted.5. easy to operate.
    how you measure temperature of small kid ? simple : 1. Hold the device perpendicular to the forehead,.2. press the measure button.3. start to move the device back until you hear beeps.4. hold on in this position until another beep,5. finished - accurate result every time !
    my daughter did let us measure here temperature since she were 4 months.now finally we don't need to struggle with her anymore
  • Graet value item

    posted by thekdude

    easy to assemble on the bikeeasy to setupeasy to usefair size digit that you can see while you are riding
    for it's price the value is greatif all you need is tracking your ride then buy it:-overall-current (need to zero before starting)-max-avg-duration
    it work fine, tested for some month nowit's cheap and it's doing the same work as the 50$ one's doing
  • Better alternative, than nikon’s original remote trigger itself

    posted by Siberex

    Easy to attach, easy to use.Good feedback from trigger (via LED and sound).Can be used in wired mode also (wire included).Good enough made quality.Batteries included also.
    Perfect alternative to original trigger from nikon, and even more functional and useful than it.
    Highly recommended to whose who want to save some money.
  • Very good tuner

    posted by gugaramone

    This tuner works like every chromatic tuner should. Just clip it to the headstock of the instrument, turn it on and it is ready to go. Simple and easy to operate, fast enough for my needs. Have been using it with my electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass (tuned down to C#) and ukulele, all without any issues.
    Using it for only one week, still don't know about the battery drain.
    If you need a simple and small chromatic tuner, go for it.
  • Great foto!

    posted by Hirorto

    -Good price!!!! In my country products similars costs more than us $400,oo!!!!!
    This led have three types of emition of light: continuous, progressive and pulse
    -Dual functions: whitening accelerator + polymerization. Comes with two types of pointer!!!!!
    -the display show the time of function and the battery level!!!!
    -Dentists uses this for a inumerous procedures in the job. For curing foto materials, mounting braces, whitenning...
    -For this procedures professionals need a right curing, with strong and powerfull light :
    Power output: 800-1800mW/cm2
    Wave length: 420nm~480nm
    I have a radiometer and this one passed the test!!!!
    -If you are Dentist and want a excellent curing light, you can buy this one. Nice price for a good product!

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