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1.2v battery Customers Reviews

  • Nice quality!

    posted by ceinmart

    Nice quality , the battery have long duration, already become with case.Excellent price for the great quality.The case appear to be useless at first moment, but after charge and start to use the batteries , if you don't use it immediately or want to keep it will be the differential to save/preserve the batteries, minimizing the risk of discharging when the batteries is loose and can have some contact with other materials...
    Is not some of that "cheap" batteries with have a lightweight and discharge in 5 minutes...
    if you're thinking of buying, you can buy the quantity you need safelyProbably I will buy more on the nexts months.
  • Good product

    posted by fabecker

    These batteries are of excellent quality. Keeps the load for long. I have being use 4 units in one alarm receiver and the same is 24/7 on and just recharge every 6 months. Great investment, despite the value compared with other options at dx.com.I do not checked the real A capacity but i believe its about 70%~80% of 4500mAh.Excellent enclouse.
    If i need more, without doubt i wil buy these one.
    Need it? Buy safety it.
  • Get some and save $$$

    posted by Driver89

    Excellent re-chargeable batteries for the price. I bought 3 sets and use them in various flashlights and lasers and the results are fantastic. Even though they are rated at 1.2V they perform much better than normal 1.5V batteries that cost twice as much, and they can be re-charged!!!
    I would invest in a good charger and buy more AA and AAA cells. You can save loads of $$$ as normal 1.5V batteries cost a bomb!
    Buy some if you use lots of AAA batteries
  • This is a great deal!!

    posted by gabaumgartner

    The kit is very useful, it is very easy to use and the “plastic box” to keep safe the battery (AA) is perfect.>> O kit é bem complete e útil, muito fácil de usar e a caixinha plástica para guardar as pilhas é perfeita.
    The charger quality could be a little bit better, but nothing to be worry about… >> A qualidade do carregador poderia ser melhor, mas nada com que se preocupar...
    Nothing to say about this point, comments
  • excellent LSD (low self discharge) cells!

    posted by geek2goo

    Bottomline: these ARE LSD!I just thought to test them again now after not touching/using them for 8 months while I was busy.I had discharged/recharged when I received them: original from-the-package they put out nearly 800mah. Cycled them once, got over 900mah. I used them for a few weeks in RC Heli transmitters, constantly using and then recharging when the transmitters failed to charge the heli battery any longer (IE not being careful with conditioning).Now, after sitting for three seasons unused, discharging at 0.3A to .9V each cell, they put out 664mah. External build-quality is as good a it gets -slightly better than my Sony LSD.
    to the reviewer who says they require recharging often: I suggest getting a better charger (absolute necessity), and/or keeping track of how long they are charging for.
    excellent LSD cells will still have ~75% charge after a year. Replace your old stupid rechargeables and alkalines!


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