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1.2v aaa rechargeable batteries

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  • It's A Battery, What Else ?

    posted by Phoghat

    I'm using these with SKU # 72828, Soshine AA/AAA/9V Battery Charger (100~240V / US Plug). Since the charger indicator light always shows red ( charging OR charged ) I checked them with a voltmeter. Charged them all ( bought 4 packs of 2 cheaper price ! ) and it's been 2 days and they're still at an optimal 1.2 Volt.
    Batteries are an notorious profit item for some stores ( check the $hack) and these are price right. I'llsee how they do in the long run and will probably buy more and other sizes, same brand.
    Cost effective both in purchase and use. No brainer.
  • Quality Battery

    posted by zubber

    Nice looking, tough outer jacket on battery.750mAh rating. Same size as AAA, works in all devices that I have tried.
    Bought five packs of 4 batteries. After using a Maha Powerex MH-C9000 to cycle them 5 times, rated capacity is just under 800mAh on average over 20 batteries. I bought so many of these because LED torches seem to chew up Alkaline batteries in no time at all. LSD are perfect for torches because in 3 months time the batteries will still have 80%+ charge left in them. Normal NiMh will self discharge over that time and would require to be recharged before use.
    Forget standard NiMh batteries for anything other than charge and use straight away. These are closer to Alkaline type of use and can be charges up then left in a drawer for months, then used.
  • Good AAA batteries

    posted by LesSoldats

    - Really cheap AAA batteries.- Excellent cost / benefit ratio. - I would recommend them to friends.- Good design.
    Even though the Cons of capacity is a big one the batteries are really cheap and the equipment that uses AAA batteries does not need to much. I'm using the batteries for all my remotes controls and I didn't have any issues.
    Great price for good batteries. Works perfectly for remote controls.
  • Excellent product

    posted by descartespcb

    I have bought many other rechargeable batteries from Soshine and had no problems. I am currently testing these 1100mAh AAA batteries (AAA rechargeable batteries normally are 900mAh) and had no problems so far. Construction quality is the same of the other batteries made by Soshine, and they come in a simple but nice plastic case.
    I also have the Soshine quick charger (SKU 6152), which I bought some three years ago and it is also very nice.
    If these AAA 1100mAh batteries go down the same path as the other Soshine rechargeable batteriess I have, they will probably last for years.Highly recomendable.
  • Good set of rechargeable AAA

    posted by ReneSantos

    These batteries have good quality like other known brands ones. The charge seems to be the nominal, or pretty close to it, good self decharge rate. In the price range, could not find better batteries.
    I have bought so far 3 sets of these batteries and I use them on several devices like TV remote controllers, multimeters, flashlights, etc... after several months I didn't get a failure.
    If your devices need AAA batteries, buy one or more of these sets, they are pretty decent for general usage.

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