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1.2v 3000mah

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1.2v 3000mah Customers Reviews

  • Impressive performance

    posted by shpax

    Stated 3000mAh - may be it is 2900, I do not know. But until now my tests with compact camera show extremely good performance and seems they are 3000mAh.Tests were run with following parameters:Internal flash was set to highest powerBackscreen lit all the timeAntishake was enabledFull zoom in - zoom out for 30-40% of all shots.After each shot was taken picture review for about 2 seconds and long time reviews for 20% of all shots during 1-2 minutes each. After full charge batteries stay in camera off for 1 day. Next day shooting sessions started. 373 shots were taken overall for 3 days. All shot were taken with full power internal flashlight on. Flash recharge circle at fresh batteries - 10sec., after 350 shots - 12 sec. which is slightly longer and ablosulety acceptable concerning flash settings. Batteries did not get hot (even charging) at any time which may show high current discharge. They still run with no low power sign in the camera.
    When battery packs went out for my old good compact camera Canon PowerShot A710IS I decided to test it with more powerful batteries then I used to use. There were pairs of GP 2500mAh, Energizer 2700mAh, Canon 2800mAh. But well, with time they lost their capacity drastically, by the way I never able to use my camera with those packs intensively have to recharge every day.So I decided to test 3000mAh and choose not cheapest and not expensive, something in between. Really I did not put my hopes alot on those batteries keeping in mind that those could be 2800mAh max or even worse. Impressivly they are at the top of my list now, except recharge circles quantity tests, which I cannot do yet (until they loose their capacity at least on 30%) for such short period of usage time.
    Really strongly recommended. I plan to use some packs for my flashlight Canon 580 (4 per pack) along with some chinese 2900mAh too I am using now and completely satisfied with. So overall 3 days intensive usage of compact camera and still running - very good performance. Get 1 in camera and another spare pack I can rely on them playing with my compact camera full week now. That I was never even think about before, holding 3-4 packs of my previous 2500-2800mAh batteries in my pocket.
  • Very good price

    posted by jdaldea

    - 3000mAh- Very powerfull- I´ll recomend it for all purposes- Load very fast and not lose power fast
    - If you are looking for professional products this is one of them- The shipment came to me about 15 days- You can hardly find another product with such good features for a lower price
    - Replacement or backup battery for camera, toy, remote controller, alarm clock, flashlight, doorbell, etc.- Can be used in multiple ways- Rechargeable Replacement 1.2V 3000mAh AA NiMH
  • Nice battery

    posted by msjern

    Probably the most cheapest and the strongest batteries out there. this thing has 3000mah, the most strongest every seen. But its around 2400mah. But still very strong. i use this for my flashlight and MP3 and last very long
    This is very useful for flashlights, and Mp3s, and Mp4s, and for GPS, for other electronics that require AA's and need long lasting batteries
    Buy these ones and u will not regret them.
  • I expected more from a battery which is supposed to be strong.

    posted by avichay

    Product of a well known company BTY.The batteries come in a convenient package, so if you buy several sets of for replacement, you can keep the ones not used in the container.
    This is not the first time I had to throw rechargeable batteries into the trash, so it's not just a disease of this brand.I do not see a difference between the batteries and the batteries of 3000mAh or even 2300mAh 2700mAh, so if there is a significant difference in price, it could be a consideration to buy the cheapest.
    I expected more from a battery which is supposed to be strong.
  • Descent Batteries

    posted by warlock1212

    This rechargeable AA batteries are cheep. Thy look good no coked print ore any of that low end batteries. Because it's so cheep you don't have to be super responsible whit them. Have charged bunch of times now and day seem to hold up well.
    I use this batteries in a flashlight and you get a lot more light then from a non rechargeable battery.
    Descent set of Batteries.


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