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1.2v 2000mah rechargeable battery

These cool 1.2v 2000mah rechargeable battery are high quality and at affordable prices. Dx offers a range of products from consumer electronics to outdoor sports gadgets and so much more. At DX there is something to suit everyone. DX offers you low prices, high quality and free shipping.

1.2v 2000mah rechargeable battery Customers Reviews

  • Enitimeloops

    posted by Jazzpirate

    For some reason, I can't fine ANY Eneloops locally, so I thought I'd give good ol' DX a try. These things are WICKED. I use them all the time in my photography, and they just don't friggin quit. and weeks between use, they aren't discharged like most of my rechargeables are. They feel solid, even the sleeve texture is satisfying to touch. all around excellent batteries. no problems whatsoever.
    Professional photography is cool and all, but don't let it ruin your personal work! keep the passion, otherwise it becomes a "job".
    Magnificent. Any Ni-MH charger will do. Get them. you wont regret it. ever.
  • Pisen Charger and batteries

    posted by hazna88

    For what I assume is a 4 channel charger, with 4 low self discharge batteries included, I think the price is reasonable.
    The batteries are low self discharge. The ones I have, have markings indicating they were made in feb 2010. I bought them 6 months later and they gave me discharge capacity of: 1716, 1701, 1702, 1680 (on my maha c9000 @ 500mA discharge)
    Its quite light and the wall-wart attachment does make it more portable. I plan on taking with me when I go overseas, as it is more portable than my maha c9000
    Initial thoughts on batteries; seem ok. They are LSD batteries
    Haven't tried the charger, questionable quality, but relatively cheap.
  • Good Battery

    posted by old4570

    A decent battery. I tested @ 1A charge and discharge making no attempt to top up the batteries and got some 1900+mA from both cells.I also tested them for overall discharge capability in some 5 AA flashlights, and the BTone performed very well.
    None ATM
    The pair I got tested well.From the results of the two I tested I would recommend these. Only thing I would wonder about is how they will stand the test of time.


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