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1.0 cars Customers Reviews

  • The arrangement has broken

    posted by bescom

    Very convenient arrangement, is visually made very qualitatively. At energising on mp-3 the module and radio to work begins at once. Very clear and simple management.
    Perhaps, the rejected copy has got to me, but because of this marriage I have lost also the arrangement, and USB-Flash on 8gB.
    About quality of a sound I can tell nothing, because the arrangement has burnt down during trial. The recommendation too I can not give.
  • Good for the price, but unsuitable for everyday use

    posted by bgblue

    It works, tested it with a SDHC and no problems, useful aux input for any other audio device
    Audio quality is acceptable, don't expect something HiFi, but for the price it's nice.. It tends to clip audio at default volume levels so better turn it down a bit.
    It's useful for long trips; it's a bother to set up every time you start the car, so everyday use can be a pain.However, once set, it just works.
  • Very good car audio upgrade

    posted by 123jack

    * Blue tooth configuration peace of cake.* you can play even songs from mobile phone direct to your car speakers via Bluetooth.per AUX cable excellent audio quality.Build in presets like POP, ROCK e.t.c.Excellent sensitive microphone and very clear phone calls with this device.The on wheel Irda remote control is a premium function, with volume control, phone control and play control.*Automatic pause and restore of playing of mp3 during phone call.*with the other IRDA remote keybord you can skip to concrete song number by typing it on the keyboard.*you can dial back the last incoming call with the C button on the remote control, without touching your phone.* adjustable FM transmitting frequency that helps to reduce the noise in the transmission.
    I bought this player, because my build in car audio does not support mp3 or Bluetooth.I am satisfied with the device and the cons I have written are marginal and are meant as room for improvement.
    I am happy with this device, easy to use with many functions and good price.
  • Good

    posted by hHoreen

    Low price. Decent design.
    In the car, infrared remote control is unnecessary, and its shortcomings can be ignored. On a good receiver distance more than a meter, which is quite normal.
    Problems with "AData 16GB" related to the features of the USB-Drive. As yet met a lot of things that it had not earned.
    Good thing for a small price.
  • Music to my ears...

    posted by vesparas

    Very good quality. it has a USB port for flash drives, SD card slot, aux. port with the aux. cable. The delivery it was fast to Greece. Came in a box, no damage. The quality audio is reasonable good. The blue light is good enough to read the screen. You can change the volume, change the transmitted frequency, the music and play/pause on the device. The remote control you can accces the menu, change the folder, plus, everything else you can do on the device interface. I have it for more than a month, works fine for my Toyota Yaris with no mp3 player.Saved my long boring trips...
    I choose this FM transmitter because it has 3 different ways to work. SD card, Flashdrive and the auxiliary cable for a cellphone, smartphone, iPhone for example.
    I recommend this product. It has a great quality for the price. It has some points that are not so good, but even though is a great product, you can buy without fear.

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