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1 mode ultrafire flashlight

This is our best 1 mode ultrafire flashlight, they all share a great design and great prices. As china's largest gadgets suppler, DX devotes its efforts to provide the best service to customer all over the world. Visit now and experience our quality service, brought to you from China's leading online retailer.

1 mode ultrafire flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Best Purchase Ever

    posted by Karmatron

    High power flashlight with simple 2 modes.
    (I don't like needless blinking mode.)
    Wow, what I wanted.
    Hexagonal rotation stopper is made of silicone rubber.
    It's durable, good.
    Heat-sink formed neck radiate heat of LED effectively.
    This will have extension LED's life, really good.
    The almost LED lights have too many modes.
    Is the function really necessary?
    It was a little bit expensive, but was worth paying, wasn't it?
  • Extremly good light, nicely built

    posted by Ponkke

    This is one great flashlight. i was impressed by the amount of light from it. Its fairly small easy to carry with you. lights up the whole room at the highest mode.
    - Great light 1200lumen
    - Build Quality pretty good
    - Mode button works
    - Battery seems to sit tight and good.
    - Useful
    All in all. it is a useful flashlight with extremly good light, its small so you can carry it with you even in a pocket. Mode shifting works fine. recommend it!.
  • Great value for money

    posted by ClaymoreMD

    - good throw- high brightness- low price- switch is reliable- better quality of the switch than in sku 202255- there is no big difference in the throw between this one and sku 202255.
    I use Ultrafire flashlights for 2 years now, this particular one for several months. Local policemen buy them as a replacement for their Maglites.
    If you are someone whose life depends on reliability of his gear, you may want to get something from Fenix. For 99% of others, this flashlight will offer a great value for their money. It's bright enough for searching for people in hight mode while lasting the whole night in low mode. It's as powerful as a car light and fits into your pocket. If it breaks, you can just order a drop-in module and fix it in a matter of seconds. You can't go wrong with this if you prefer textured reflectors. Otherwise check the sku 202255.
  • A very nice light.

    posted by gasbag11

    Very good fit and finish. Glass lens. O-rings on head and tailcap and a GITD O-ring on the lens. No blemishes or scratches anywhere. Comes with a sleeve for an 18650, and a 3XAAA battery holder.
    It has stepless dimming and will ramp up and down while you hold the switch on. No memory, and a quick press and release starts it on high, and then strobe. Press and hold, and it starts on low. Low mode goes down to about 10 lm. It's a decent "thrower" (narrow center beam for distance) and has nice, even "spill" light for closer up. Should throw some light out to 100~125 meters or so.I think 500 lm. is probably very accurate.
    It feels good in the hand, nice and solid, and the switch is where it should be for a thumb. It even came with a peel-off protective film cover on the lens. Overall, I'm impressed and would recommend it to anyone. It seems a step above the usual Ultrafire quality. :)
  • Don't use it too long

    posted by thany

    This flashlight is very bright. That's clear every time I use it. It's also very light and very small, making it perfect when going o a trip. There's always a spot for it in the suitcase. The color of the light is not particularly warm - just what you'd expect from a led-light.
    This is much better than flashlights provided in hotel rooms. I put it next to my bed, just in case.
    Good flashlight, get one if you need a small and very bright one. Just use it for short periods of time only.

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