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Every single 1 mode cree displayed here is of a high level and the price is reasonable. With over 200 products uploaded daily on the DX website, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. c8 1 mode or 1 mode led contains many hot and popular products. Your support is our greatest motivation.
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1 mode cree Customers Reviews

  • A nice addition to my collection

    posted by ilianbg

    It's very bright. This is my brightest flashlight to date. When you put your hand in front of it you can feel the heat. I also have SKU 852 which is bright, but this one is noticeably brighter. Build quality is good. I like the finish very much.
    I got SKU 20392 for batteries. They are a perfect fit.
    This one is a keeper. If you like flashlights, get one
  • XML-T6 1-mode

    posted by Misucat

    Reasonable price, Modded a MiniMag 2AA, Bright with 1,5V Lithium batteries. Not 450Lumens, but surely brighter than any standard Mag, maybie 250-300 LM. Means brighter than bigger Mags. Tested also with one 3,7V 14500, no difference in brightness.
    Good DIY-drop-In, the only one I found with only One Mode.I dont need several modes.
    Its Good, but You can found the same from other shops for 2 bucks less. But but I surely prefer DX, since all my orders have been delivered accurately.
  • Very Nice Flashlight w/ side

    posted by titeo2

    Just received this flashlight right before Christmas, thanks DX for your fast shipping. This flashlight is high quality built, feels very good in the hand and due to the shape in the middle with grooves. I really like the side switch, the switch feels firm in term of good quality, and nice clicking; it is just a bit too firm, in pressing feel, that you have to pay attention and use some strength to press the switch. For quick action, the switch is a bit firm to do on/off quickly. Thread is very good, better than my other crees that have micro threads that can cause cross threads easily. The beam is very nice, works nicely when use it in long distance like 12 feet since it has deep cone reflector. Comparing this cree with my 5346 cree, this flashlight is whitter, brighter, and I thought the 5346 was so bight, but of course this romisen uses 2 AA where 5346 uses 1 AA. This is my first side switch cree, I like it very much and highly recommended
    Good flashlight.
    Very nice side switch cree flashlight. Bright, and whitter beam, good thread and rubber rings.
  • My favorite flashlight

    posted by Aflipz

    At least as bright, if not brighter than any CR123A flashlight I have ever owned... This tiny little flashlight does it all from huge flood lighting to a TIGHT little beam that throws light at distances that are quite amazing for a light this compact! Should you ever run out of 14500 lithium 3.6-3.7v cells, it WILL produce decent light (nowhere near as much but still quite usable..) from normal 1.2-1.5v AA cells.
    I like it a LOT better than the other 14500/18650 zooming lights I bought here (which had shark in the name...) anyway, this one is much better; it has a wider zoom range so it can spread light better up close and zoom in on objects farther away and if you think this one's zoom mechanism is sloppy wait until you try the other guy's... also, I have a much more powerful 18650 flashlight I bought from here (raysoon rs-v8) and this smaller Q3 puts it to shame particularly when it comes to throwing light over long distance.
    This is an incredible value. I ordered more... I would absolutely not hesitate to recommend it. Given the size of the light and it's limited power supply, it isn't ideal for extended use; it's more suited to spot something quick than to light your way through a long hike... However it will serve great purpose as a short-term ''high beam'' that serves both for close range, wide area illumination and throwing light precisely over long distances. I must be getting about 30-35 minutes out of 14500 lithiums, using the light a few minute at a time here and there.
  • My smallest & brightest yet

    posted by WARaider

    Rated at 1200 lumens what more could someone with serious "Flashlight Fetish" want...seriously! This this will light up a tree at night over 100 yards away.
    This flashlight should have been an easy 5 stars had it not been for the "iffy clicky".
    I just ordered 6 more for gifts. Who wouldn't want a flashlight this small that is this bright.

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