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You can find fashionable 1 led flashlight at a low price. DX offers coupons that allow you to enjoy lower prices. Of course, you can find them from led keychain flashlight, green led flashlight. Your satisfaction is our reason for working harder and we aim to make your shopping experience easy and pleasant.
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1 led flashlight Customers Reviews

  • Great flashlight for the price

    posted by cyberjar

    - Small- Durable- Waterproof (I haven't tried yet, but it is built so good, that there is no doubt it is splash proof and I am pretty sure it will withstand accidental submersion at least)- Great light intensity- Great battery life- Could work from rechargeable 1xAA with the constant intensity for the whole time (there is DC/DC converter) - 5 modes- Luminescent cap
    It is great gadget for the price, I definitely recommend it.
    I had one for approx. one year and it is working great, so I ordered another one to have one dedicated in my car. And I am going to order another two :)
  • excellent Radio

    posted by RodrigoPoblete

    It is a product that surprised me pleasantly, not the other have won the title of best amateur radio of 2013. An incredible team, robust, high quality materials, impeccable reception (working with 2 local repeaters, and working frequency), friendly menu, thoughtful accessories, good battery duration (in listen mode), solid keyboard, well-lit lED panel. Lantern brings up is good. using it does not take much, but overall an excellent walkie
    Brings the microphone has excellent sensitivity in tests with other radio voice is heard loud and clear. also customization of LED lights to Transmit modes, reception and waiting is incredible. much easier to use daily.
    amazing radio, I would say that is one of the best of its kind, for the price and features it brings, ideal for amateurs amateur, good reception and Transmit, good durability of the battery, sturdy and good quality equipment, flawless. absolutely recommend their use, they will not find a team with such characteristics in the market to this value.
  • Lots of light

    posted by ferry

    The amounth of light amazed me, i have another 18650 cell flashlight, but this one is much brighter. And the bundle is more smooth, while the other one has a very bright spot and.I searched for a flashlight with a lot of light, and this type of led BIN is currently one of the best AFAIK.
    Casing is a bit shiny, i rather have the matte black anodized look. But its ridgid, and the flashlight does not switch function when dropping or taking a hit. While some others do.
    Good buy, great on my bicycle, even on low power you'll be clearly visible for car drivers. On high mode you can drive on semi dark roads.
  • Engineer

    posted by salamiya1

    Flashlight is very bright.
    There are several modes.
    There are o-rings on the joints.
    A good reflector.
    Good LED.
    There is a clip.
    The corrugated surface.
    A good flashlight. It's well worth it for the money. Reliable flashlight. It is not expensive and this is his dignity. Strong robust housing. Lantern hard break. It is binding, because of this it is hard to lose. Attachment is removed. A good quality reflector. Excellent LED! Flashlight is very bright. There are 5 modes. But I do not need modes that are flashing. Need to create one off unwanted modes.
    Among my friends, my most vivid light.
  • Nice Little Light

    posted by ironsmiter

    Has mode memoryFairly good optics for a plastic lens.The focus slide is awesome and works very smoothly! Even one handed.Full on is VERY bright on a fully charged 18650 cell."Low" is still brighter than a normal flashlight.Stays fairly cool to the touch
    Originally purchased for the led and optics. Was going to machine my own body and use a different circuit board.Turns out, it's a pretty good light, just the way it is.Planning on running it just the way it shipped, for a while, before tearing apart, and seeing about ending the stupid "flashing" mode.Here's the low down on heat and battery life.Thermal management is pretty good. In just over 1 hour of HIGH mode, the top of the flashlight got warm to the touch. maybe 100F?Second battery to go it, it continued to get warmer while on high. Eventually, it MAY have turned into a scorcher, but I couldn't tell, since I only had two cells to test with, and the light cooled off before the first cell recharged.Once I can't stand it anymore, I will disassemble the light, and see about modifying the circuit to eliminate the flashing. Most of the drop in replacement circuits, it's an easy solder mod, might be here also. Will have to see.
    Great throw on the light.Nice anodized aluminum surface.Stays cool for the entire charge life of the 18650 cell.


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