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  • Good for DIY projects

    posted by JLOT1

    This IR remote control is very cheap, the cheapest one in DX. It is very well built and is easy to use. It use the NEC IR protocol, see the command table below.It comes with a battery inside.
    A great pair you enconter in DX to use with this product is the IR (38KHz) receiver SKU: 169048.
    The addres transmitted is 0x00. The commands are show below:(Follow the controller buttons order, all values are in Hexadecimal)0x45 0x46 0x470x44 0x40 0x430x07 0x15 0x090x16 0x19 0x0D0x0C 0x18 0x5E0x08 0x1C 0x5A0x42 0x42 0x4A

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