It’s that time of the year again and your chance to be the Spokesmodel for this year’s DX Desk Calender at Christmas!
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Upload your latest photos on the relevant page. After voting the one with the most votes can become our spokesperson.

How to participate?

1, Participants must be registered DX users.
2, Requirements for uploading photos:
Make sure that photos uploaded are your latest ones rather than others;
Definition of photos should make it possible to recognize the figures;
The winner must provide photos whose specifications ensure the possibility of printing with accuracy being at least 300 DMI;
Formats for uploading are limited to JPG、GIF and PNG. The size is suggested to be 800x600px and capacity less than 2M.
3, Upload photos and the one with the most votes will be the spokesperson for DX desk calendar after voting.


  • 1, Login in to your DX account and upload a recent, hi-def, fashion calendar style picture of yourself using a Christmas theme.
  • 2, Each IP address is allowed three votes.
  • 3, Please note that sponsors’ logos will appear in the calendar.

Activity Period:

Participants may begin uploading photos on September 28th, 2013 The uploading period is one month.
The voting results will be revealed on Oct. 30th, 2013.
The prizes will be sent after Dec. 1 th ,2013.

  • Upload your Christmas photo
  • Vote
    2013.9.28 ~ 2013.10.28
  • Announce the winners
  • Ship the prizes


If a picture in which there are two or more people wins the most votes, is it possible that every people is able to be rewarded an iPhone 5c?
No, every picture has the chance to win one iPhone 5c only, no matter how many people in it.
Why are the photos not shown?
There exist two possibilities. One is that your file may be corrupt, so please check the color, mode as well as the size of the file. Another is that your photos go against the rules of the campaign, thus being cancelled.
How many photos can I upload?
Participants are allowed to send no more than three photos of their own.
Which kind of formats and sizes are photos uploaded for?
The formats accepted are JPG, GIF and PNG. For optimization, the size is suggested to be 800x600px; any other sizes will be cut as required automatically. Moreover, each participant can upload no more than three photos each less than 2M. Click here for more details.
Can I be in charge of my own photos?
Sorry, I’m afraid not. Photos uploaded successfully will be handled by our administrators to ensure the validity of the campaign and facilitate promotion management.
Can photos uploaded be cancelled or altered?
You can cancel them which means you give up your chance to win but you cannot modify them.
Why are prizes sent after November 11th, 2013?
Because our prizes encompass the desk calendar which needs time to be printed. DX desk calendar is expected to hit the shelves on November 11th, so the prizes will be sent after this date.
If you have more questions, please email

Terms and Conditions

1, Photos uploaded must be your own. Participants sending others’ photos will be held liable.
2, DX has rights for participants’ photos for promotional use.
3, DX reserves the right to the interpretation of the campaign rules.

Winners must provide drawings with printable specifications. A 300 dpi resolution is recommended.

Choose an image

All uploads must be in one of the following formats: jpg/png/gif/bmp. Maximum size: 800*600px