DX Product Review Program

DX would like to invite interested users to an exciting new review program. Many of you already have made on-site reviews and recommendations on products that you have purchased. These important insights help other users make informed purchases.

In order to encourage you to share DX product reviews with the world, we now offers ways to make your published reviews pay rewards directly to you. By joining the DX review program and publishing in-depth reviews on relevant off-site websites, blogs, or active forums, you can receive gift cards of up to $50 for each published and qualified review.

How to join the DX Product Review Program?
Joining is easy and FREE; apply Here
Once enrolled, write an objective, in-depth and informative review of a recently purchased DX product and publish on a relevant off-site website, blog, or active forum community.
Send the review link to [email protected] for review and approval.
What Are the Rewards for Your Product Review?
Once approved, a Gift Card of $5 - $50 is offered based on the content, quality, location and popularity of your published review.
What should my product review include?
The best reviews go beyond just showing a product, and explain the features and benefits, operation, and demonstrate the performance of the item. If you own related products, making a comparison is helpful. Original photos are preferred as well as your unique insight about the product.
Tell them where it came from! Put a direct link to the product from the review to DX.com. If links are not allowed, use our logo within the review or emphasize our name DX.com – DealExtreme in clear bold type at the beginning and end of each review and include the product SKU#.
Original Photos and videos are highly encouraged and contribute to the value of your reward. If you create a video review, upload it on Youtube, Vimeo, or other popular video site. Then, submit the link for approval here: [email protected]
What format should I follow for my review?
See this example for a typical review format:http://budgetlightforum.com/node/3955
See this example of a good video review: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuBm_HDJ-V4
How do I get my product review approved?
The product you review must be a recent undamaged purchase from DX.com. Other customers will be most interested in our newest and best-selling products. Once you have made your review and published it online, submit the link for approval here: [email protected]


  1. Only reviews of products from DX are eligible.
  2. DX assumes no responsibility for any problems or compensation for damages arising due to the reviews you post.
  3. Your review should be new, all original content and cannot be copied from another source.
  4. Do not use obscene or objectionable language.
  5. Do not promote illegal or immoral conduct.
  6. Do not include advertisements or promotional content not associated with DX.
  7. DX reserves the right to republish the reviews on DX or other sites with credit to author.
  8. Not all reviews will qualify for reward.
  9. This offer not available in conjunction with other partnership programs.
  10. DX reserves the right to change terms and conditions.
  11. Enrollment in Review Program is conditional and subject to change.

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