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What is DX Partner Program?

DX Partner Program is a way to help you get more benefit from DX product and service. It focuses on those who want to start or develop their own business online, providing various business programs to different groups of people. Regarding these programs, they are very popular internet marketing methods nowadays in the worldwide, as well as they are used by many of DX customers. It helps them to extend their business and win more from the potential opportunities.

You can choose the one that suits you most for free, just follow DX Program instruction. Then you will win from it.

  • Affiliate Program

    Everyone with a Web site or Blog can join the Affiliate program. You will be rewarded from DX just for selling DX products on your website. DX high commission will never let you down.

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  • Dropshipping Program

    Drop shipping is that you sell DX products on your website, we deliver the products to your customers directly without DX logo or information, then you win the payment in this way.

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  • BBS Marketing Program

    You promote DX products or service on the BBS after DX approval, and then provide the link to us. You will get paid by this.

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  • Product review Program

    Participate in two ways: Rate and review your recently purchased items on DX product detail pages to earn DX Points or write in-depth reviews on off-site channels to earn up to $50 in DX Gift Cards!

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Thanks for your interesting! DX partner programs are all free for DX customers. More new ones will be launched in return for your long-term support and trust in the near future.

If you have other business opportunities or potential cooperation ideas, please fill out the information below, we will contact you as soon as we finish audit. Many thanks.


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