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1. The Video duration must be around 30 seconds.
2. Take a look to the theme of the video we propose before you create the video to avoid mistakes.
3. All the videos must be original and uploaded to Youtube .
4. All the products featured in videos need to have at least one DX link connecting the products to the videos, these links
    can be written in the video description or inserted into the own video.
5. Every 2 weeks we will change the prizes, so stay tuned!
6. Send us your video link by clicking "UPLOAD" button, your video will be added to the landing page after our approval.
7. Winners will be chosen according to votes, the top 3 videos will receive the prizes.
8. Only one vote allowed per day.
9. Anyone who votes will also be included in a separate prize drawing.
10. We will annouce the video and voting winners every 2 weeks in the Landing Page.
11. We will use your video in the corresponding product description on our site if it is of a high quality.

Winning prizes is easy! Just click the ""UPLOAD"" button and send us the youtube link from your video to enter the competition.

Now is time to promote your video, each vote is very important, share it on Facebook, Forums, Blogs, Twitter... the more votes
the more chances to win! Add the hashtag #DXVideoVote to make it more effective

DealExtreme reserves the right to accept or remove any video which does not meet the standards set by the campaign rules,
any video with violent or sexual content, or any one that doesn't follow the theme.
In case we have two or more winning videos with the same number of votes, we will choose as winner the one which has more
views on Youtube according on the day of the prize drawing."